Jacques started his own psychology practice in 1996.  During this time he worked in collaboration with medical doctors in a clinic environment, specialising in psychotherapy of various human psychological conditions, such as, depression, anxiety, trauma, relational difficulties, marital strife, stress, sexual dysfunction, work-career related complexities, and the like.  He completed various post-master level hypnotherapy trainings, and utilised this, and other psychotherapy techniques in his practice related work.

During 2000 Jacques also became involved in management consulting, and since then his coaching and counselling work has expanded and specialised into the filed of organisational behaviour.  Here his counselling-coaching focus is on work-related difficulties, such as, career-developmental issues, stress management, management-leadership demands, work related depression/anxiety, secondary personal life difficulties, such as relational, and many others.

Jacques is a registered private practitioner in the field of psychology, and his fees are claimable from most medical aid companies in South Africa.  He can be contacted for an appointment at: and 0027 83 284 5677.