As a company director, Jacques has involved himself in the facilitating and consulting areas of business ethics and corporate governance.  He developed and facilitates corporate governance programmes up to MBA level, as well as various management-leadership development sessions on this theme into various countries in Africa.  He is, specifically involved here with Milpark Business School and the University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (SBS-ED).  He is a member of the Institute of Directors of South Africa (IoDSA), and in the past he was involved as a corporate governance coach at the institute.

Jacques currently trains US-based non-executive directors for placement on African-based company boards on the continent.  For this project, he works with B-Direct in the USA, and Milpark Business School in SA. 

Recently, due to his developing of organisational surveys for the quantifiable measure of human capital, he has branched into a sub-field of corporate governance, i.e., integrated reporting.  His specific focus, due to his background and profession, is the reporting of the employment of human capital.